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Posted at — Apr 19, 2019


Jan,2019 - Now: DevOps at Macromill South East Asia

Self-study about DevOps position.

Design multi dev environments with docker containers, ...

Building/Handling Server: Google Cloud Server, Google Cloud Storage, AWS SES, CloudFlare, Firebase.

Building and Monitoring: Prometheus - Node Exporter - Grafana, Rsyslog

- Framework: Laravel, websocket, Perl, RestAPI, SOAP
- Social Network: Line, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
- Database: Mysql, PostgreSQL
- Communicate: Slack, Trello
- Interesting with something: Go, PostgreSQL, Telegraf, rsyslog, Terraform

Jan, 2017 - Dec, 2018: Senior Software Engineer,Junior DevOps at W&S Vietnam

Check vulnerable of website for security. using a WAF server for safe
Manage Team, Support Team about problem analytics.
Training new staff

Main developer of some offshoring project (FeulPHP, Laravel Framework, Phalcon)

Working about schedule, specification, requirement document.
Setup Server, CI/CD ...
Maintaining and develop all service of our Company: Vinaresearch, Nusaresearch, Yimresearch 
Maintaining all service of our Company:
+ Server: Google Cloud, Amazon SES, Linux System, CloudFlare
+ Database: MySql, Redis
+ Have experience: Feulphp , Phalcon, Laravel, Zend v.v...
+ Build GitLab CI/CD (Auto deploy)
+ Build Local Server Linux Raid 1 
+ Build a file storage local (SAMBA) for internal company 
+ Have experience about Plesk, Email server config setting v.v..
+ Have experience about Docker
+ Have experience about RESTful API, working with Facebook GraphAPI, Twitter API, Instagram API. 

Mar, 2014 - Dec, 2016: PHP Developer at W&S Vietnam

Internal Project:

Manage all websites of W&S Group: Vinaresearch.net(Vietnam), Nusaresearch.net (Indonesia), Yimresearch.net (ThaiLand), B2B sites (for Janpan, Vietnam, Indonesia, ThaiLand), etc...
Planing and dicuss with other team about campaign, new feature of our sites.
Working with API’s Parnter of W&S Group: SSI, SurveyOn (RPA) ..

Offshoring Project:

REST API: Graph Facebook API, Instagram API
Offshore project using FeulPHP: Planing, Schedule and Development
Manage Team: support all staff of other country (Thaiand, Indonesia, Japan, VietNam) about our server


2018: Master’s degree, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services at University of Information Technology

2014: Engineer’s degree, Network and communication at University of Information Technology